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If you are ready to improve your confidence and make new friends through hip hop dance classes in Charlotte, NC, enroll with us!

Keeping your body healthy through regular physical activity is important. Beyond improving physical health, it can also lead to better emotional health and increased confidence. When you exercise, it releases chemicals called endorphins in your brain. These endorphins give you a feeling of euphoria, thus improving your mood. While there are many exercise options available to choose from, hip hop dance classes are one of the best ways to improve your physical health and brighten your outlook on life.

Charlotte Dance Alliance is pleased to offer a variety of dance classes that will help keep your body healthy, your mind active, and your emotions stable—including hip-hop dance classes. Hip hop is a popular form of street dance that uses a mixture of rhythm and coordination. As a form of exercise, dance has been shown to lessen the fatigue you feel, leading to longer workouts and less noticeable discomfort. Some specific benefits of hip-hop dance classes include improved muscle tone and strength, better coordination, and improved mental capacity. Hip hop dance classes begin with our Little Hoppers at age 3 years old and continue for all ages through adults.

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Hip Hop Class Schedule - 2022-2023 Fall Session


Enroll today - space is limited!